Rakale Hannah

I help men and women who are ready to ignite their authentic passions to awaken their professional potential.

I get it…they told you, you had to have such and such education to make such and such amount of money and they forgot to mention that you want to enjoy what you do everyday. And you’ve either fallen short of what they told you, you had to do to be successful and are finding it difficult to believe you can create a professional legacy, since you didn’t adhere to their plan or you did very much so adhere to the plan and it still has failed you.

The truth is there is not one cookie cutter path to success. You know that logically but are likely still attached to the idea of “how” you are meant to reach success. Are you ready to fully free yourself? Well, I’m ready to take you there so your answer better be YES! #giggles

Don’t die with your music still in you.

~Dr. Wayne Dyer

My philosophy

We are multidimensional beings who function best when we can bring our whole selves to all that we do. Whether you are happily in a corporate environment or branching out to pave your own contribution, you’ll be setting yourself up for success when you acknowledge all of you. What do I mean by this..? Let’s take a look.

  • Honor The Practical – you can be spiritual and realistic at the same time. It is a necessary balance to honor your humanity while also allowing your spirit to soar.
  • Intuition Energizes – When we allow our natural intuitive gifts to support all that we do and stop compartmentalizing the parts of our lives where we invite our spirituality in, we will find faster and lasting well rounded success.
  • You Are Abundant Now – Born you were with everything you need to express excellence, have a full healthy life, experience dynamic love and so much more. Your abundance is here right now, whether you are living that life or not. Tweak a couple of things and you’ll see, you are abundant, free and flowing in majesty, right now.

All the work we do together is founded on these fundamental truths. You have permission to be human, you are a spiritual being so your spirituality belongs in every part of your life, yes permission to be spiritual and you are whole, you have everything you need for the life you seek, right now.